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eduroam (education roaming) is a service which enables students, researchers and staff to securely access the wireless internet at their own organisation and whilst visiting other participating institutions, using the username and login provided by their home organisation.

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Afbeelding bij Safe and trustworthy Wi-Fi

Safe and trustworthy Wi-Fi

Afbeelding bij 750 locations in the Netherlands

750 locations in the Netherlands

Afbeelding bij 12.000 locations in 76 countries

12.000 locations in 76 countries

eduroam news

eduroam celebrates 2 times 1 billion roaming authentications

26 May 2016 - It’s not often you celebrate a billionth “birthday” so to be able to celebrate two at the same time must be pretty rare.
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International spotlight on Dutch govroam rollout

24 May 2016 - In its online magazine Joinup, the European Commission has devoted an extensive article to the advent of govroam in the Netherlands. The government version of eduroam, govroam ensures civil servants secure and easy access to Wi-Fi networks at government organisations.
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Standard used by eduroam for WiFi access now compulsory for government bodies, WPA2 Enterprise on 'apply or explain' lis

3 February 2016 - The Dutch National Consultation on Digital Government decided on 2 February to put WPA2 Enterprise (the standard used by eduroam for secure access to WiFi networks) on the 'apply or explain' list. This obliges Dutch government bodies and semi-public institutions to support this standard for their WiFi networks.
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Course eduroam - 7 October, Birmingham (UK)

1 August 2015 - Loughborough University’s Alan Buxey leads participants through this hands on course of how eduroam operates at both a basic technical level, but also at a support level. Hands on experience in labs is provided, showing how a RADIUS server can be configured for eduroam (both for home and for visited usage), examining the RADIUS proxy traffic and changing the contents of proxied messages.
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eduroam scores 8.8 in customer satisfaction survey

1 July 2015 - SURFnet recently received an overall service score of 8.2 in its recent customer satisfaction survey among research universities, universities of applied science, senior secondary vocational schools and research and care institutions.
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govroam provides access for governmental administrations

14 April 2015 - Breakthrough for government-wide cooperation on wifi access
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